Natural Resources Solutions, LC is uniquely qualified to solve complex environmental and natural resources issues at every level of the private, public and non-profit sectors. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients so that we may tailor our services to best satisfy each individual client’s needs. NRS is the only consulting firms of its kind whose members have played a major role in the development of a federally approved conservation policy under the Endangered Species Act. Below is a sampling of our areas of expertise, as well as some of the services our clients rely upon us to deliver.

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NRS has proven itself to industry. Indeed, industry represents one of the most important elements of our client base. And, industry increasingly turns to NRS for solutions to complex, landscape wide problems.

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Virtually all natural resource issue revolve around science. NRS relies heavily upon institutions of higher learning with proven records solid science. Texas A&M University, North Carolina State University and Oklahoma State University are representative of those who work with NRS

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The principals and staff at NRS have generations of landowner background to call upon. Most NRS personnel were raised on farms and ranches, and instinctively understand landowner concerns, which in turn provides a foundation for clear communications with landowners.

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In order to ensure the support and assistance from all parties involved in natural resources matter, NRS comfortably partners with environmental organizations.

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Most issues that involve NRS are government regulation driven. NRS has developed the confidence of agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Our proven track record with government agencies paves the way for more successful solutions.