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Chief Executive Officer

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Carla Manning 
Carla Manning is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for both Natural Resources Solutions, L.C., and Manning Squared, L.L.C. Having 30+ years of experience in developing and executing high-quality business strategies and plans, she ensures implementation of these plans with short-term and long-term objectives for both companies. As CFO, Mrs. Manning oversees the accounting department, budget preparation, and audit functions. As CEO, Mrs. Manning creates and implements the company’s vision and mission, and works closely with the President and Director of Operations to coordinate project planning and execution of contracts and establish corporate priorities. Mrs. Manning has the ability to set up and establish 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations through the Texas Secretary of State. Mrs. Manning, along with her husband Steve Manning, reside in Coryell County, Texas.  

Steve Manning
Steve Manning is President of NRS and a fifth-generation member of the ranching community in Coryell County, Texas as well as a third-generation member of the Central Texas Cattlemen’s Association. Mr. Manning has been involved with several Federal, State, and local economic development organizations. He continues to interact with public and private leaders in activities involving natural resource conservation and property rights. He has been involved in the establishment and implementation of the Leon River Restoration Project, the Fort Hood Offsite Conservation Program, and the Fort Hood Recovery Credit System. He has been recognized on both the state and national level as a leader in natural resource management and land conservation, and has been involved in many Endangered Species Act (ESA) issues involving several species in Texas and the western United States.

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