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Policy Analysis

Policy analysis is a vital tool in the process of developing any plan or strategy that is required to comply with both state and federal legislation, policies, regulations or guidance documents. NRS evaluates how these policies will affect specific industries and activities and uses this analysis to determine all options available to effectively implement our clients’ goals. Policy analysis is also used to identify any unintended effects caused by policies, potential alternative courses of action, and solidify the defensibility of chosen pathways.

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging for those who are not immersed in it on a regular basis. Each client has different needs and goals, which means each can face unique challenges in complying with state and federal directives. Through our policy analysis services, clients can be confident that options and strategies presented by NRS are fully analyzed and implementable in accordance with all existing policies, regulations, and guidance documents.

NRS specializes in ESA-specific policy analysis, and continually tracks these policies in order to effectively provide solutions to the challenges our clients face. Through this monitoring of policy, NRS staff has developed an extensive knowledge of standard agency practices, which we pass on to our clients to ensure they can fully comply with the ESA and its associated regulations. As experts in this field, NRS provides clients the assurance that they will have a good understanding of the factors that need to be considered in developing a plan or strategy.

NRS adapts its policy analysis strategies to best fit each client’s unique needs, which often includes:

  • Analysis of ESA-related policies, regulations, and guidance documents to determine their effect on our clients or specific industries or activities, the development or permits or obtaining regulatory compliance, and the implementation of the ESA

  • Analysis of the practical effects of policy on the operations of a wide variety of industries, to include the perspectives of other stakeholders central to client success

  • Development of plans and strategies that align with all relevant policies, regulations and guidance documents

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