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What We Do

NRS opens new horizons in conservation by bringing government, landowners,

academia, membership organizations, industry and others together to forge solutions

to complex, regulatory related problems.

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What We Do

NRS has the unique ability to understand the concerns and needs of all parties, bring

them together and then facilitate a cooperative effort to reach agreements that

produce positive and acceptable results.

We Pioneer Innovative Solutions

The success of NRS can be largely attributed to the firm’s distinctive ability to bring together varied groups such as; private landowners, research universities, stakeholder groups, and state and local agencies of government. This skill is enhanced by our unique capacity to identify common goals among diverse groups and tailoring comprehensive solutions that reflect those goals.

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Virtually all natural resource issues revolve around science. NRS relies heavily upon institutions of higher learning with proven records and solid science.

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Most NRS personnel were raised on farms and ranches, and instinctively understand landowner concerns, which in turn provides a foundation for clear communications with landowners.

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NRS has proven itself to industry. Indeed, industry represents one of the most important elements of our client base. And, industry increasingly turns to NRS for solutions to complex, landscape wide problems.

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In order to ensure the support and assistance from all parties involved in natural resources matters, NRS comfortably partners with environmental organizations.

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NRS has developed the confidence of agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Our proven track record with government agencies paves the way for more successful solutions.

"I had never thought of the Endangered Species Act as a means to actually enhance my ranching operations until NRS showed me how that can be accomplished on a cooperative basis."

- Landowner

Featured Projects

Lesser Prairie-Chicken

NRS, on behalf of a consortium of oil and gas companies, has been involved in the development of the Stakeholder Conservation Strategy for the Lesser Prairie Chicken (LEPC) since 2012.

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